Managing Local User Profiles Buildup

Obviously there's a GPO for this... ...but it's a bit rubbish and the computer needs a restart for it to ever work and I also didn't want to wipe out Staff Local User Profiles, I only cared about getting rid of Old Student User Profiles, I do this to ensure there's enough disk space on the machines, luckily student usernames are all numbers so this was easy to do. Get-WMIObject -Class Win32_UserProfile | Where-Object {(!$_.Special) -and ($_.ConvertToDateTime($_.LastUseTime) -lt (Get-Date).AddDays(-3)) -and ($_.LocalPath.Split('\')[-1] -match '^\d+$') } | Remove-WmiObject By using PowerShell, we can query WMI and delete old profiles on the machine. The following bit of PowerShell above will ensure special user profiles are not deleted and only delete profiles that are older than 3 days old, obviously you can change this…
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