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Managing Local User Profiles Buildup
October 28, 2019
Obviously there's a GPO for this... ...but it's a bit rubbish and the computer needs a restart for it to ever work and I also didn't want to wipe out S...
Email Alert when a certificate is set to expire soon
March 2, 2019
So I needed a script that I could run as a scheduled task that would alert me if there were any certificates that were due to expire soon from our servers. Some...
Staff member user account creation script
October 21, 2018
Sharing is caring, right? Here is a powershell script I wrote that creates new users based on their First name and surname, checks to see if a username exists f...
Speed up your OSD time
June 28, 2018
When looking at decreasing the time it takes for your OSD. There are three things you will want to look at. These are, configuring dynamic variables to specify ...
Can’t connect to SQL instance using Windows Authentication
February 2, 2018
I had an odd issue at work where I could not connect to a SQL server using Windows authentication even though I had the authentication set to mixed mode. I was ...
Setting up a reverse proxy using nginx for your FREENAS jails
July 16, 2017
I am a big user of FREENAS and the goal behind this was to have one domain and to redirect the requests for my jails using, "jails/sickrage", "jails/sonarr", et...
Chromecast devices not discoverable on Linux
July 12, 2017
The documentation from Google indicates that the Google Cast extension is not supported in Linux, but it actually does work. In order for it to work you must co...
How to properly end a KDE session from shell without root privileges
July 12, 2017
To end a KDE session from the shell without root privileges what you can do is send a logout command via dbus to KDE. This then should terminate the session. ...

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